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Oxford police log

December 08, 2010 - Monday, December 6 - Car accident on N. Oxford and State St. No injuries were reported.

*A sandwich sign from an establishment blew into a vehicle in the SE Lot.

*Car accident at S. Lapeer and W. Drahner. There were no injuries reported.

*A subject was hearing voices along S. Coats Rd.

*A rear window of a vehicle was shattered along E. Burdick.

*Parking complaint along Park St. and Pontiac St. A Ford Thunderbird parked with it's left wheel to the curb. The vehicle was moved and the owner was advised to refrain from parking like this in the future.

*Police found a parked car along Spring Lake Rd. with it's door open. The officer was not able to make contact with anyone in the home the car was parked in front of. Officer was able to lock and close the car.

Sunday, December 5 - A woman was issued a ticket for operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor and lodged in Oakland County Jail. The woman had rolled the vehicle she was driving. Fortunately she and her passenger were uninjured.

*Noise complaint on Glaspie St. The subjects were warned and advised.

*Family trouble was reported on Scarlet Oak.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on E. Burdick.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on Glaspie St.

Saturday, December 4 - A woman walked into the Oakland County Substation to make a harassment report. She told officers that she broke off her relationship with her boyfriend three weeks ago, but he would not stop emailing her, calling her and kept showing up to her home. She asked him to leave her alone, but he did not listen. She also told police about an incident at an establishment in downtown Oxford between her and her ex. Officers provided her with information about obtaining a personal protection order. An officer also called the ex and asked him to please stop contacting the woman.

*Caller reported that her carbon monoxide detector was going off for about 40 minutes. She told officers that she was not feeling any illness.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on Broadway.

*Traffic cones were reported in the road on Burdick and Washington. Officers put the cones back in the proper parking spots.

*A man was talking with his wife when on a cell phone and the phone went dead. He called police and asked them to check on his wife. Officers were able to make contact with the man's wife and everything was ok.

*A caller reported that he found two individuals who were responsible for an assault from the previous evening. The man was turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff's.

*Officer reported hearing a loud noise coming from an address on Glaspie St.

Friday, December 3 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on Dayton. A woman claimed to have asked her in-laws to leave, and they were refusing. One was standing outside the house, while the other was still inside the residence.

*Two male juveniles were found sleeping inside a building on Pontiac St. The juveniles were taken to the Village station, where police called their parents to come pick them up.

*A case of check fraud was reported at a business on S. Washington.

*Police assisted a citizen with a diabetic emergency on Thornehill Trail.

*Police received a phone call from a man who claimed that his girlfriend took his son and he had no idea where they both were. The caller was driving around Drahner Rd looking for him, but had no idea where to keep looking.

*Suspicious person was reported on N. Washington and Center St. It turned out to be a female waiting for a ride.

Thursday, December 2 - A report was filed against a man who was caught urinating in public. After officers were able to track him down, they asked him if he knew why they were here and he said yes. When asked why he did it, his response was that he really had to go to the bathroom. He was given a citation for disorderly conduct.

*A laptop computer was stolen from a vehicle on Woodbriar Dr. in Oxford Twp.

*A caller requested assistance with a bat that was in her home. Officers could not find the bat.

*Police had to unlock a Ford Explorer in the SE Lot.

*A credit card was turned into dispatch that was left on the counter at an establishment. The card was already cancelled and police said they would dispatch the card.

*17 year old ran away from a residence on Bay Pointe Dr.

*Police assisted a citizen, who was having chest pain, to POH.

Wednesday, December 1 - A unknown subject stole approximately $13,449 worth of jewelry from a store on N. Lapeer Rd.

*Police were called to a home to help take care of a raccoon that was acting strange. The raccoon had gotten into a fight with the family's dog. Police shot the raccoon.

*A woman called 9-1-1 to ask them a question because she did not have the non-emergency number. She was given the non-emergency number and advised.

*A car hit a deer on Lakeville Rd between Hosner and Barr.

*A subject was found unconscious in the bathroom of a home on Baldwin. No transport was needed.

Tuesday, November 30 - A woman called police and said that she witnessed a dark blue Malibu cause an accident on N. Lapeer and Dunlap. She followed the car to an establishment and was going to speak with the driver, but thought better of it and called police. An officer was able to stop the vehicle.

*Subject requested to speak with an officer about barking dogs at an address on Sunset Blvd.

*Police spoke with a citizen who was upset about harassment that was occurring in another district. They advised the citizen how to proceed with reporting it in the proper jurisdiction.

*Semi was reported to be stopped on Glaspie with it's hazard lights on and unoccupied. It turned out that the driver was making a delivery.

*Traffic light at W. Burdick and Washington was flashing on all sides.

*There was an incident between a boyfriend and girlfriend on Kintyre.

*Lights were reported on in a garage on W. Burdick. A door was found open and police checked the inside and found the building was clear. The door was resecured.

*Car accident on N. Washington.

*Car accident on S. Lapeer Rd.

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