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Letter to the editor

Taxpayer wants better gov't

December 15, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I encourage all Independence Township residents to watch the Dec. 7 Independence Township Board meeting on or cable local access to view NON-transparent government at its finest.

No introductory remarks are made to briefly explain an agenda item in order to bring the audience up to speed on an issue and hand-out materials submitted only to the board are not read aloud.

Discussion of the supervisor's budget was very bizarre. A concerned citizen was not allowed to fully present his findings during the public hearing; one trustee was not allowed to ask questions about various parts of the budget; the supervisor blew-off requests to discuss outstanding 2009 budget audit issues; and presentation of the 2011 budget by the finance director was incomplete.

The proposed budget does not meet requirements of Section 42.25 of The Charter Township Act which defines minimum content of a budget. The quick late-night approval seemed pre-arranged among several board members. I see only two reasons for the supervisor's odd defensive behavior about the budget process: 1) he is uncomfortable being challenged because he has no in-depth knowledge about the data or the budget creation process or 2) there are two sets of books.

Regarding the board, the few questions raised about various agenda items show a lack of intellectual curiosity by Trustee Larry Rosso, Trustee Mark Petterson, Treasurer Curt Carson, and Supervisor Dave Wagner.

What more can be said about Supervisor Wagner that hasn't already been said during the recent recall campaign! I can only point out the added cost he has brought to the Office of the Supervisor by hiring two additional heads one to handle human resources and the other a part-time deputy supervisor with unknown responsibility.

Three people handle tasks previously handled by the supervisor alone. Way to go Supervisor Wagner - increase the size of local government in these depressed economic times while popular township special events are cut from the 2011 budget!

Independence Township taxpayers deserve better. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel with these four clowns. They do NOT deserve to be re-elected!

Sharon Dudzinski

Independence Township

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