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Oxford police log

December 15, 2010 - Monday, December 13 - Suspicious circumstance reported on Broadway. A male, 16, was arguing with his mother for nearly two hours. An officer was able to diffuse the situation.

*A resident on East St. called police and reported that she witnessed an explosion on Glaspie. Officers checked the area for a blown transformer and made sure there was no fire.

*Two car accident on S. Lapeer and W. Drahner.

*Abandoned auto found on S. Washington.

*Property damage reported on S. Washington and Ensley.

*Report of a dog being outside on a chain on Pleasant. The report went unfounded.

*Three vehicle accident between two cars and a truck on S. Lapeer and W. Drahner.

*Officer assisted a vehicle getting out of a ditch on Seymour Lake Rd. and Coats Rd.

*Vehicle reported to be in the median by N. Lapeer and Market St.

*A bike was found abandoned in a ditch along N. Lapeer Rd. No one was found around it.

Sunday, December 12 - A caller reported a vehicle partially blocking traffic on Bay Pointe Dr.

*Accident on Red Barn with unknown injuries.

*A vehicle was blocking the drive on Hudson to the back of the police parking lot.

*Police assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with an intoxicated person.

*Report of a possible intoxicated driver on Lakeville Rd. heading east.

*Road run-off at Seymour Lake and Sanders.

*Property damage on Pontiac and Dennison streets. No injuries were reported.

*A vehicle ran over a child's foot on Mansfield.

Saturday, December 11 - Caller reported suspicious activity in the Oxford Middle School parking lot.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Glaspie St.

*A male and female were arguing in front of a building on S. Washington.

Friday, December 10 - Possible intoxicated driver on Lapeer Rd. by Drahner.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on W. Burdick.

*A caller reported a possible drug deal happening on Dunlap Circle. The caller was turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on Seymour Lake Rd. and Coats. The vehicle's lights were not on and the vehicle was driving all over the road. It turned out that the subject was driving his son's car and was not used to it.

Thursday, December 9 - A black SUV was parked in a no parking zone for two hours in the SW parking lot.

*A woman reported that a subject ran a red light and nearly hit her. After that he flipped her off and drove away.

*Property damage to a vehicle on S. Washington.

*A vehicle was reported to be stolen on Hillcrest Dr.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on Sunset Blvd.

*A man called 9-1-1 and stated he was having problems with his wife. Officers came out and spoke with both parties, who separated for the evening.

*Fire alarm accidently went off at a residence on Franklin Lake Circle. The resident told responders he did not know why the alarm went off and that a similar problem occurred on Thanksgiving. The alarm was reset.

Wednesday, December 8 - A loud party was coming from an apartment on Crawford St. An officer was able to locate the source of the noise and made contact with the tenants, who agreed to keep it down.

*A woman on Crawford St. wanted to report a case of fraud because an unknown subject put her name on an account that she was unaware of. It turned out to be a phone scam that the woman misunderstood.

Tuesday, December 7 - A business in Oxford reported to Oakland County Sheriff's a case of check fraud. A woman was reported to be cashing checks in the business' name that the owner did not write. When police interviewed the woman, she stated that her son asked her to cash the checks because he did not have any identification. When officers dropped the woman off at her house, they asked if they could search her home for other forged checks and she gave her consent. Officers found other forged checks with the business's name on them in her son's bathroom.

*Officer found two people making out in a truck on S. Washington and E. Burdick. They were sent on their way.

*A woman walked into the village police station and asked an officer to identify a substance for her.

*Entry was gained on a locked Ford pickup.

*Police stopped a black Silverado that was driving suspiciously along E. Burdick. The stop turned into a medical situation as the driver had a diabetic emergency.

*A cooler was found lying in the middle of the road on Washington and First St.

*A subject on Chari reported to police that he was receiving harassing phone calls from a male subject.

*A black male wearing a gray hoodie was reported to be pacing back and forth in front of a rear building door on Crawford St.

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