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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

December 22, 2010 - 15 years ago - 1995

"Health, not just for the big kids anymore" Pine Knob Elementary health teacher Al Craven put on a fake mustache and glasses and did his best Alex Trebek for his students. Eric Moss, Justin Anderson, and classmates tested their health knowledge in the quiz-show activity.

"Modernize Christmas? No way!" Angie Regiani played a TV reporter interviewing Brandon Hampton's Santa Claus in Clarkston Elementary's Christmas play.

"A fun spin on physics" Chuck Keegan, Clarkston Middle School science teacher, invited Dr. Zeemo, Paul Kyprie, to demonstrate scientific principles using yo-yos, tops, boomerangs, hula-hoops, and other spinning toys.

25 years ago - 1985

"Jolly good!" Matt Gruber, Angela Bradley, Jared Landry and fellow second graders at Andersonville Elementary decorated their classroom in old English style, based on "A Christmas Carol" and "12 Days of Christmas." The celebrated with British snacks and games.

"Rotary, Edison argue over street decorations" Detroit Edison officials objected to being characterized as "Scrooge" in its dispute with Clarkston Rotary over power outlets on lightpoles. The club needed them to decorate the poles with Christmas lights, while the utility didn't want to overburden the streetlight system.

"Holiday play" John Chalawich played Santa at Pine Knob Elementary's "Wake Up, Santa Claus" show, with the help of Jami Makuch, Sheila Spencer, Michael Schorsch, Kelly Peters, Rusty Pawley, and classmates.

"1986 budget passed by Independence Township" The township approved its $5 million budget.

50 years ago - 1960

"Seymour Lake news" Mrs. Lottie King enjoyed a rabbit dinner at the home of her nephew, Mead Myers.

"Party sets Christmas mood" Little Marcia Johnson, aged 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson, entertained a few of her friends at a Holiday Party, with fancy little cupcakes, hot cocoa, and Christmas Carols.

"Clarkston local" Mr. and Mrs. George Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Duncan drove to Mt. Clemens for a get-together with former school friends.

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