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December 9, 2010 SYNOPSIS


December 9, 2010 SYNOPSIS

CALL TO ORDER: 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Trout


AGENDA ADDITIONS & CHANGES: Add New Business #15 New Liquor Control Law



a) Approved Minutes: November 8, 2010 Special Workshop Meeting and November 11, 2010 Regular Meeting with bills and additional disbursements of $55,497.00

b) Accepted November Treasurer's Report

c) Received November 2010 Reports: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Ordinance, Fire and IT

d) Authorized payment of bills as presented, totaling $138,088.14

e) Authorized participation in Rotary Club Flag program for Civic Center and Davisburg Cemetery

f) Established 2011 Township Board Meeting Dates Second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Springfield Township Civic Center

g) Designated 2011 Legal Publication to the Clarkston News

h) Authorized contribution to Andersonville Cemetery for 2010 in the amount of $3,000


1. 2011 Budget: Received public comments on proposed budgets


1. Second Reading: Amendments to Ordinance No. 42 Adopted Amendments

2. Medical Marijuana Adopted Resolution establishing moratorium


1. Adopted 2011 Budget as follows: General Fund: Revenues $1,781,300, Expenses $1,777,050; Fire Fund: Revenues $765,165, Expenses $730,565; Police Fund: Revenues $1,559,500, Expenses $1,559,200; Cemetery Fund: Revenues $700, Expenses $0; Parks & Recreation Fund: Revenues $670,656, Expenses $670,656; Lake Improvement Fund: Revenues $299,000, Expenses $299,000; Softwater Lake Improvement Fund; Revenues $15,000, Expenses $15,000; Cable Fund: Revenues $125,000, Expenses $122,450; Building Department Fund: Revenues $65,350, Expenses $64,950; Civic Center Debt Fund: Revenues $376,000, Expenses $374,000; Softwater Sewer (SAD) Fund: Revenues $130,000, Expenses $130,000

2. Farmers Market Discussion Concurred with committee recommendation that Parks & Recreation will establish Farmers Market at the Shiawassee Basin Preserve

3. Bids for Annual Financial and Compliance Audit Accepted proposal from Pfeffer, Hanniford, Palka for Fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012

4. Bids for Professional Services Authorized Supervisor to continue professional service agreements with Carlisle/Wortman Associates for Planning, Adkison, Need & Allen for Legal and Hubble Roth & Clarke for Engineering

5. Sheriff's Department Contract Authorized Supervisor to execute agreement upon concurrence of Township Attorney

6. EECBG Bids Authorized the Supervisor to complete energy efficiency projects based on grant funding available of $54,540 and authorized Supervisor to waive permit fees required to complete the projects

7. Liquor License Transfer Request: Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority Adopted Resolution to transfer classification of on premises license from Tavern to Class C

8. Healthcare Coverage Options Authorized Supervisor to execute documents to change Township healthcare plan to BCN10 Plan

9. 2011 Salaries Changed status of Supervisor's Administrative Assistant from part time to full time beginning January 1, 2011 at a salary of $30,300; Established that all 2011 salaries for positions under jurisdiction of the Township Board with the exception of the Supervisor's Administrative Assistant will remain the same as 2010; Established that elected officials salaries would remain unchanged from 2010- Supervisor $63,800, Clerk $54,700, Treasurer $54,700 and Trustees $1,200 per year plus $100 per meeting

10. 2010 Budget amendments: General Fund: Revenues increase $30,350 to $2,242,250, Expenses increase $29,250 to $2,239,950; Fire Fund: Revenues decrease $36,500 to $999,250, Expenses decrease $35,150 to $997,500; Police Fund: Revenues increase $15,600 to $1,544,800, Expenses increase $3,600 to $1,532,800; Cable Fund: Revenues increase $3,000 to $66,000, Expenses increase $3,500 to $44,500; Building Fund: Revenues increase $12,000 to $84,850, Expenses no change at $64,350; Parks and Recreation: Revenues no change, Expenses increase Commission Personnel $1,000, increase Programs/Events Instructors $4,000, decrease Administration Personnel $5,000 Total expenses remain $564,873

11. 9489 Cherrywood Discussion Directed Township Attorney to record restriction on property based on ZBA action in August 1994

12. Contingency Snow Removal Agreement Authorized Supervisor to execute contingency contract with North Oakland Landscaping

13. Lumberyard Property Survey Authorized Supervisor to enter into agreement with Kieft Engineering to complete survey, cost not to exceed $3,000

14. AT&T Metro Act Right of Way Permit Extension Approved permit extension

15. New Liquor Control Laws Declined to take action that would restrict issuance of early morning Sunday Sales permits

PUBLIC COMMENT: Supervisor Trout reminded Board members of the "early bird" registration deadline for the Michigan Township Association conference, Dec 15, 2010

ADJOURNMENT: 9:29 p.m. Published: Dec. 22, 2010 TB Laura Moreau, Clerk

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