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Care packages appreciated

December 29, 2010 - Ed. note: this email was forwarded to the Clarkston News by American Legion Post 63, Clarkston.

Greetings from Shindand, Afghanistan. I just received the box that you sent. Thank you very much. I took some of the items and shared the rest with others.

I have to apologize for the email. Normally, I would write a hand written note. However, letter mail is so bad from Shindand that it would take at least a month to reach you. Packages to and from here take about 8-14 days to arrive, however paper mail takes about 3-4 weeks.

We think it because mail goes through Kandahar. They put mail onto pallets and when a pallet is full, the Air Force flies it out here. Well, packages fill up pallets fast, letters do not.  That is our theory at least.

Life in Afghanistan can be up and down. I will be really busy one day, and extremely bored the next. I am the intelligence officer for an aviation battalion. We have Apaches, Blackhawks, Chinooks, and MEDEVAC.

My five-person intelligence section and myself brief the aircrews that fly each day on the air threat in our area of operations. We are located in Regional Command West, which as the name states, we are in the western part of the country.

These deployments can be pretty difficult at times, mentally for me, but physically for many.

Now I don't go out and do patrols like a lot of soldiers, but I am working in the office for about 13 hours a day, every day.

My unit has been here since early July, and we will likely be going home early July of next year. Everyone is already looking forward to it.

This is my second deployment. I was in Iraq from June 08- June 09, and then the unit deployed again about 12 and a half months after we got back. Luckily when we get home, I'll be leaving this unit, and will go to one that doesn't deploy so frequently.

This is the longest I have gone. I lived in Clarkston from when I was an infant until I graduated from Clarkston HS in 2003, and then went to West Point.

I definitely miss Clarkston; it was a great place to grow up.

Again, thank you for the box. It is always nice to be thought of when we are over here.


Capt. Bryan Kolano

Shindand Airfield, Afghanistan

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