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Letter to the Editor

No excuse for meeting absences

December 29, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I just watched the Independence Township Board meeting of Dec. 14 which DIDN'T happen since four of seven members choose to miss the meeting! Not the first time for any of the missing but it was especially disturbing for the two fulltime township employees, Supervisor Dave Wagner and Treasurer Curt Carson.

Each missed previous meetings and it seems to me that as a full time employee these meetings should be a prime task they need to attend. This lack of attendance sends a real message to all the citizens of our township as to the commitment and concern of our elected representatives as well as a very poor example for other township employees.

I am sure I will hear good excuses from all the absentees but it will be hard to accept such a cavalier attitude on their part. Kudos to Neil Wallace and Dave Lohmeier who seem to find the time to attend all the meetings and to Clerk Shelia Vanderveen who was at this meeting.

J. James Reed

Independence Township

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