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SYNOPSIS of DECEMBER 21, 2010 meeting

December 29, 2010 - SYNOPSIS



DECEMBER 21, 2010

1. The regular meeting of the Charter Township of Independence Board was called to order at 7:30 p.m., at the Independence Township Hall.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll Call: Present: Lohmeier, Petterson, Rosso, Wallace, Carson, Wagner

Absent: VanderVeen

There was a quorum.

4. The Agenda was approved with removal of the Closed Session and moving New Business ahead of Unfinished Business

5. The Public Forum opened at 7:32 p.m. and closed at 7:35 p.m.

6. The Consent Agenda was approved with removal of items (a) Approval of Minutes, (b) Accounts Payable Check Run, (c) Approval of 2011 Township Board Meeting Schedule, and (h) Review of 2011 Depositories.

7. Approved 2011 Sheriff's Contract with Oakland County.

8. Approved bid award for the interior lighting contract for the Independence Township DPW building, Library and Fire Station #2 to Midwest Illumination at a cost not to exceed $58,167.00.

9. Approved bid award for building envelope improvements to the DPW building to Overhead Doors West at a cost not to exceed $12,120.00 for insulated entry and overhead doors, and Systemp Corporation at a cost not to exceed $8,000.00 for low leakage dampers.

10. Authorized Linda Richardson to sign the lighting and building envelope contracts as the authorized Project Manager for the Green Triangle EECBG Grant Project.

11. Motion failed to approve Spectrum Printing for printing the Winter/Spring Recreation Guide.

12. Approved PrintComm for printing the Winter/Spring Recreation Guide

13. Approved 2011 CIA budget as presented and distributed by Mr. Carlisle and Forrest Milzow as President of the CIA.

14. Motion failed to amend the 2011 Budget.

15. Approved 2010 Budget adjustment to increase Street Lighting $26,500.00.

16. Minutes of November 9, 2010 were not approved and are to be resubmitted containing more detailed discussion with regard to the water and sewer rates.

17. Minutes of November 16, 2010 were approved.

18. Approval of Accounts Payable Check Run.

19. Approved Township Board Meeting Schedule for the first two meetings in January, with the balance of the schedule to be discussed and agreed to at one of those meetings.

20. Approved 2011 Depositories.

19. Meeting Adjourned at 10:51 p.m.

Published: 12/29/2010

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