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OES experiences the marketplace

December 29, 2010 - Fifth-graders in Kristen Rhoades class at Oxford Elementery School received some first hand experience on product development and marketing from members of Oxford High School's DECA Club.

Emily Garavaglia and Leigh Nacy spent several weeks with the class helping them developing products for Market Day, which took place on Friday, Dec. 10 as part of a DECA chapter product promoting entrepreneurship.

Students had to create products to sell to their classmates and various types of advertisements and sales pitches in order to make their product successful.

"Our plan for them was to make it fun and easy for them to understand," Garavaglia said. "So we made it really interactive from the first day they started working on these projects."

Garavaglia and Nacy explained the ideas and concepts of entrepreneurship before diving headfirst into their project. They had students purchase supplies and work out a budget.

"It was pretty simple for us to put together, but they took it above and beyond what we thought," she said. "It's been really impressive."

Creative ideas from the students included ice cream floats, wristbands, pencial holders, rulers and painted rocks.

Even though the most popular groups of the day were Rick Galbraith's and Jonathon Robb's pop mixing station and the ice cream float station from Alex Matczak and Adam Gillespie, the overall winners of the competition were Kelly Sayers and Olivia Rezny with their IB charms.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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