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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

January 05, 2011 - 15 years ago - 1996

"Virginia teens are sent home" Two Roanoke teens were charged with breaking into cars along Clarkston Road and stealing stereo equipment. Their mothers drove up from Virginia in a snowstorm so they could be in court with their children.

"Ski patrol depends on volunteers" Dan Stencil and Jim Meloche recruited and trained volunteers as Nordic Ski Patrol at Independence Oaks County Park. The volunteers helped clear and supervise ski trails, and in search-and-rescue.

"Students raise issues of their own" Emily Flores and Michael Gay organized the Clarkston High School Committee for the Advancement of Students Issues. A big issue was graduation requirements, which limited opportunities for electives such as computers and foreign language.

25 years ago - 1986

"CHS gym opens after 3 months of repairs" Students and bouncing balls replaced workers and sawdust in the gym. A buckling floor put the gym out of commission for three months, as workers tore up and replaced it.

"Russian is proud to be American" Lubomyr Hewko fled the Soviet Union when he was 14 years old, near the end of World War II, moving to Independence Township with his family in 1979. He found America's opportunity to be unlimited for him and his children.

"The Thinker" The holiday break and a sunny day drew fisherman Jim Francis all the way from St. Clair Shores to Clarkston's Mill Pond. He said the fish were biting.

50 years ago - 1961

"Township primaries excite interest" Running for supervisor were Democrats Duane Hursfall, incumbent, and Carl Golding. Running for clerk were Republicans Harold Doebler and Howard Altman. Democrats Kenneth Johnson ran against Mrs. Marion Frankenfield for treasurer.

"New type of embroidery shown" Mrs. Landis demonstrated how to do liquid embroidery for the Gay Twenties Extension Club at the Community Center.

"Clarkston locals" Mr. and Mrs. Ed Collick took their daughter, Sharon, and her friend, Lucy Oakley, back to Albion, where they were to resume their studies as Freshmen.

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