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Oxford Police Log

January 05, 2011 - Monday, January 3 - A suspect was reportedly trespassing on Oxford Lake. The suspect was fishing. Police were unable to locate the individual.

*Report of girls beating each other up on Basket Branch. All parties involved then left the area before police arrived.

*A juvenile was reported to be behind an establishment on S. Washington past curfew.

* Female reported to be causing a disturbance at a local convenience store.

*A NASCAR Jimmy Johnson blow-up lawn ornament was stolen from a yard on Basket Branch.

*A furnace was stolen from an old laundry room at Crossroads for Youth, where it was being stored. The furnace was last seen on December 15.

Sunday, January 2 - Loud music was reported on Hudson.

*Caller reported a possible assault on Hummer Lake.

*Suspicious vehicle reported in Scripter Park.

*A caller alerted officers to people going in and out of a house on Lakeville Ct. The caller did not believe the individuals had permission to be going to and from the residence.

Saturday, January 1 - Music from bars could be heard from inside a house on Hudson. When officers further investigated the source of the noise complaint, they discovered the noise was coming from a car alarm and they took care of the situation.

*Officer reported an alarm was going off at Daniel Axford Elementary.

Friday, December 31 - A warrant for retail fraud was issued for Kenneth Hall after he allegedly stole $400 worth of merchandise from a store on S. Lapeer Rd. Cameras caught the theft on tape, but Hall refused to speak about the incident. He was arrested last week by Oakland County Sheriff's after allegedly stealing $74,000 worth of merchandise from a manufacturing company in the Village of Oxford.

*Report of a possible domestic disturbance on Scarlet Oak.

*Noise complaint on S. Washington. Officers checked the area and could not hear anything.

*Report of possible trespassers on Lakesview Blvd.

*Two juvenile females, 14, were caught out past curfew around 2:30 a.m. They were taken back to the village station, where their parents were called to pick them up.

*A truck ran two vehicles off of N. Washington.

*Caller reported nearly getting hit by a intoxicated driver on Lapeer and Indianwood.

Thursday, December 30 - Report of an assault on Davison Lake Rd.

*Vehicle was reported to be blocking a driveway on N. Washington.

*Suspicious person was reported on N. Washington and Davison. Officer responded to the situation and cleared the individual.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported in Scripter Park. Contact was made with the owner, who was asked to leave.

*Two teenage males wearing dark clothes were walking in the middle of the road on Lakes Edge Dr. Officers cleared the individuals after checking their identification.

*Subjects were reported to be fighting on Lakes View Blvd.

Wednesday, December 29 - A window to an apartment on W. Drahner was shattered. A maintenance man reported to officers that a unknown male tried to get into the apartment after knocking on several doors.

*A vehicle was locked on Broadway with an infant inside. Officers were able to unlock the vehicle.

*A halogen light was stolen off of a truck on First St.

Tuesday, December 28 - Report of possible intoxicated teens on Indianwood.

*A vehicle was stuck on boulders in a parking lot on Pontiac St.

*The back window of a Dodge Caravan, parked on Worthington, was shattered.

*Report of trespassers in Oxford Lakes. Two trucks were seen parked at the end of Bay Pointe Dr.

*Officers were notified of a woman driver possibly operating her vehicle while intoxicated. She was in the area of Ray Rd. and N. Oxford and was seen heading towards Seymour Lake Rd. Police were unable to locate the individual.

*Two residents ran away from Crossroads for Youth.

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