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Letter to the editor

Call for council to keep resolutions

January 12, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Happy New Year to The Clarkston News and good luck to columnist Don Rush in keeping his resolution to only write uplifting and positive thoughts.

With that in mind, I would like to recommend a new year's resolution for Clarkston City Council. Abide by the resolutions you approved in the past and if you can't, create better ones.

You know the ones I'm talking about, like the Nov. 24, 2008 resolution to have all information in writing and included in the information package so that the council and public can be informed on what is to be discussed at public meetings.

Last year was full of information handed out during the meeting, seldom given to the public, and numerous items discussed under the "City Manager's Report" that it seems no one but the city manager knows about until the city manager speaks.

Then there is the ongoing budget confusion about whether the city can spend more money than appropriated in the budget. Both the June 24, 2010 budget resolution and Oct. 12 amendment resolution said they were approved "per the attached report" which was a detailed line item budget.

Even though presented and approved by the council at a line-item level, you continue to spend more money than you have appropriated and sometimes from line items that have no appropriation at all.

I wonder where all that additional money comes from? By the way, there is no longer a police department so it makes little sense to keep charging things to that budget.

Perhaps as important an issue is what really constitutes a decision by our City Council and what happens if everyone ignores them like you do with charter provisions, ordinances and even just plain old statements that things will get done?

What about those seven reserved parking spots at 3 E. Church that it seems only the three part time DPW employees are allowed to use?

At last year's Dec. 6 city council meeting, the city manager said he had directed the DPW director to take care of this and open up four of the seven parking spots. On New Year's Eve, when you could barely drive through the parking lot, these spots were still posted as CITY VEHICLES ONLY - TOW AWAY ZONE and were all empty.

We are all very happy knowing the city has decided every part time DPW employee should have two prime downtown parking spots, and one to spare, especially on evenings, weekends and holidays when they are not working.

We would never want them to walk any further than they have to, unlike the shoppers, visitors, residents, taxpayers, and other law abiding citizens who no doubt drive somewhere else when they can find no convenient downtown parking in the Village of Clarkston.

Happy New Year to the City Council and City Officials. How long will we all keep our resolutions and promises this year?

Cory Johnston


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