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Happy Birthday, Mr. Ritchie, aka Kid Rock

Independence Township resident Kid Rock’s latest CD is Born Free. (click for larger version)
January 12, 2011 - This coming Monday, Jan. 17, is not only Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is also the birthday of one of the area's most noteworthy residents.

Since Robert J. Ritchie has done much for the area (frequenting local businesses; making donations for different civic projects; and even using footage of the area in recent music videos) The Clarkston News wishes Kid Rock a Happy Birthday!

Ritchie was raised just over the eastern border of Oakland County, in Romeo, Michigan. He was born on Jan. 17, 1971, and has become known worldwide as a singer-song-writer, showcasing definite blue-collar, Midwestern sensibilities.

We conducted some "investigative" internet "journalism" and found Jan. 17 is a date with more than its fair share of celebrity birthdays. See if you recognize any.

Ben Franklin -- 1706

Al Capone -- 1899

Rock Hudson -- 1925

Eartha Kitt -- 1927

James Earl Jones -- 1931

Maury Povich -- 1939

Muhammad Ali -- 1942

Andy Kaufman -- 1949

Jim Carrey -- 1962

Kid Rock's latest album (CD, to youngsters) is called Born Free. His clothing line, "Made In Detroit" is available at Chi Chi La La Boutique in Clarkston. (oh, and Kid . . . when you wanna' come in to the CNews office for an interview, give us a call, 248-625-3370!) -- Don Rush

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