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Letter to the editor

School violence concerns parent

January 19, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Recent violent acts at Clarkston High School have me, as a parent of two students there, very concerned.

Within the past week we had a student arrested for making mass death threats over the Internet and another student hospitalized after being beaten on school property (ed. note: not Clarkston Community Schools' property).

I suspect there are other incidents occurring that I am just not aware of. I have to wonder what the heck is going on inside the minds of our children, and equally important, what school administrators are doing to prevent such criminal outbursts.

The current economic situation no doubt creates stress for students just as it does their parents. Perhaps schools should alter their curriculum by adding mandatory classes for coping with stress and the anger potentially brought on by it.

Despite all the great things Clarkston schools have to offer, I fear some kids just don't realize how good they have it.

Might we have a situation where there are simply too many students packed into too few schools resulting in many feeling "left out" or neglected?

Unfortunately, although I have many concerns and questions, answers elude me. I sure hope our school officials are treating these incidents with the seriousness they deserve and are implementing preventative measures to assure the safety of our children.

Name withheld at writer's request

Clarkston Community Schools officials respond:

"I'm exceedingly happy with the way our students, staff, parents, and administration handled the Facebook posting," said Dr. Rod Rock, superintendent. "The response is an indication of the caring community in which we live."

"Student safety is the absolute primary issue we consider as a board of education on anything that comes before us," said school board President Steve Hyer. "Operationally, our policies are put in place to allow our administrators to keep our schools a safe and secure place to learn."

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