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Swimmers nail fourth Dragon Relay win in a row

Charlie Mauer and Brad Horvath in a synchronized dive. Photo submitted (click for larger version)
January 19, 2011 - The boys' swim team came to the Saturday's Fourth annual Dragon relays fired up for victory after Thursday's dual meet loss to Birmingham Seaholm.  

And victory it was, as the boys were able to best six other teams and finish in first place for the fourth time in a row.

In addition to the overall victory, they also set the meet record for the 8x50 freestyle relay (D. Fritsch, D. Pecheniuk, E. Kaczor, R. Kaczor, S. Abramczyk, B. Matola, A. Palmer, J. Greib) and the 400 yard breast stroke relay (J. Lindquist, C. Matola, B. Matola, B. Horvath).  

The team was able to secure the top spot on the podium with first place in seven of the 12 events including diving.  

Meet records were also set by Clarkston in the 400 yard butterfly relay and North Farmington in the 200 yard freestyle divers-plus-two relay (two divers and two swimmers).

Relay meets add a different dimension to swimming competition.  Not only do they give schools that normally don't face each other in the regular season a chance to compete but they also add in unique events such as the divers-plus-two or the back stroke or breast stroke relays.  

They also show the depth that a team has, finding four breast strokers on any team can be difficult.  And the divers don't get off easy at this meet either as they compete in synchronized diving rather than the individual diving found at the dual meets.

With three more dual meets in front of them and then the league finals there is still a lot of swimming left in the season.

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