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Letter to the editor

PTA appreciation for school board

January 26, 2011 - Dear Editor,

January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month, a time to salute the work of school board members and celebrate public education. On behalf of the 2,700 PTA members in Clarkston, we wish to convey our appreciation to the Clarkston Community School Board of Education for its leadership and stewardship of our school district.

Our board of education, and the hundreds like it across the state, enable us to have local control of public schools, meaning that decisions on school programming are made by local, elected representatives who understand the community's unique problems, values, culture and circumstances. They are citizens whose decisions affect our children—what they learn, who will teach them and what kinds of facilities house their classrooms. The inclusive process used to identify and recruit our new superintendent is one example of how our school board listens to parents.

Thank you to Clarkston Community Schools Board President Steve Hyer, Vice President Sue Boatman, Treasurer Rosalie Lieblang, Secretary Joan Patterson and trustees Barry Bomier, Elizabeth Egan and Cheryl McGinnis for your service to our school district, children and community.

Kelli Horst, president

Clarkston PTA Council

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