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Letter to the editor

Bond issue 'out of the question'

January 26, 2011 - Dear editor,

It's time Orion educators provided the funds "for the kids."

Administrators and teachers can chip in with a 10 percent pay cut and a 25 percent of their healthcare premiums immediately. Most of the veteran school board have been irresponsible and late in privatizing bussing, custodial and maintenance, stopping these ongoing costly special elections, and moving school elections to November like 27 other Oakland communities have.

The Lake Orion School Board woke up last August and asked for the bond, and were unable to get it on November's ballot.

Parents of students, also taxpayers, have scarified enough, like everyone for eight years of "Lansingcrats" who imposed higher taxes rather than take on the powerful unions.

Paying $160 more for a $200,000 home for 18 more years is out of the question.

Teaching all students for 12 months with three weeks of vacation time to match foreign countries' excellence of consolidate district administrations - why that's outrageous.

-Burke Cueny

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