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Letter to the editor

District lacks leadership; vote 'no' on bond

January 26, 2011 - Dear editor,

Well said Denise Mitchell. I too believe that this district has not demonstrated fiscal responsibility in the past couple of years.

Additionally, I think they have also failed in looking at the district as a whole when making their financial decisions. Your comment on grant money is also true. Why will no one stand up and explain to this community why these types of funds are not being sought after by the district? I know for a fact, that many staff members, especially within the Special Education staff, that grants are sought after continuously for much needed classroom materials and equipment. I

think that it is high time this district look at putting together effective committees. I think that it would be beneficial for the district to establish committees in each area of importance, that involve parents, staff and administrators that can objectively look at ways the district can save money. One area I know that could use a major overhaul is Special Education (an area this district truly fails to understand).

We all have seen and heard the ways the district has been mismanaged. I think the time has come to stand firm on what we have been preaching to "closed ears" and let the district know we mean business.

Until the new board members are in office and a permanent superintendent is in place and we see a positive working relationship between administration and the board members, how can we be assured anything will change?

I don't know about you, but when one loses my trust, it takes a whole lot more than a bunch of words and a few more promises to regain it.

I fully intend on voting NO at the February election. I strongly urge the community to research this bond, the unresolved issues and things not being addressed before you make a decision.

Our students would benefit from the bond, but only if the required leadership is in place. Are you convinced we have that yet?

- Tracy Gora

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