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Goodrich, why did you move here?

January 26, 2011 - Dear Editor:

Good Ol Boys? I have heard this term many times in the local papers, from a couple of citizens of the Goodrich community, in reference to our (former) village council members. Is the term "good ol boys" used because one disagrees with the way these gentlemen have lived here their whole lives, made a life for themselves and their children, and decided in their later years to maintain this small rural town, a town where we also wanted to make a home and a life for ourselves and our children? Or, is the term "good ol boys" being used to try to manipulate and undermine an educated community, because of some vendetta against these men who take pride in their town?

May I ask why one would want to tear down the walls of this community? One chooses to be in it, why not embrace it? Why not notice the nature as it surrounds us and encourage neighborly attitudes, and then, let us all feel the "freedom from the self." Did you know that "All disorder of the world, originates from the disorder of soul." – Father James V. Schall.

There have been a few people in Goodrich's past, who have tried to change its integrity, change its structure, and change its statute. Why does one move somewhere if they are not happy with its integrity, its structure, and its statute? Why would one spend an inordinate amount of time trying to diminish the integrity of a town in which they reside? What does this say to all of our children, who grow up here, who can run and play and smell the fresh air… children of all ages who can walk and ride their bikes down the village sidewalks free of fear and filth? Why would one want to change something that works, and that has worked for over 150 years… The integrity, structure, and statute is what brought you here in the first place, isn't it?

I lived in the township for many years, but as I've aged, I moved into the village to support my local merchants, to get away from the "back roads" that I had to wait days to be plowed, (not to mention the hours of grass cutting), to exercise and walk the well-kept sidewalks, and to have closer neighbors to enjoy a friendly chat. It's worth the extra tax dollars to me... How about you, why did you move here?

Proud village resident,

Sheila Blickensdorf

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