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Hypocrisy in Goodrich or privileged few?

January 26, 2011 - Dear Editor,

The latest movement in Goodrich seems to be one-sided. The newly elected council members claimed when they were running that they wanted things to be more open and transparent and that they wanted to be for all the people. I don't feel that is what they demonstrated when they held a meeting at the Goodrich Country Club in early January to discuss village business. They didn't invite me; how about you? They invited "all the people" who had supported them by putting a sign in their yard at campaign time.

They claimed that they were not going to make changes too quickly, yet at the first meeting, they hired a new attorney that makes more money than the previous village attorney; a cost cutting move?

They have complained that others have made plans before the first meeting, concerning council business.

I do know that some forethought had to go into wanting to hire a new attorney, and conveniently knowing exactly who to vote in to that position at the first meeting.

They also have said that people who live in Atlas Township should keep their opinions to themselves. Funny that it was fine to have people in Atlas Township campaign for them by putting signs in their Atlas Township yards. Maybe it's "Do as I say and not as I do."

I have also noticed that the council president does not take too kindly to the individual who is initiating a recall action against her. The council president condemns the recall and makes reference to it being a waste of money, and that "those people just don't want to get along." We must all remember that our council president was instrumental in spearheading a few recall actions against various Village of Goodrich council members in the past. Why is it acceptable for one person to initiate a recall and not another?

Again, this is the "Do as I say and not as I do" syndrome.

I have also observed at council meetings that when certain individuals get up to speak, the clock is watched to make sure that they do not exceed their three minutes of time. Others step up to the microphone without any glance to the clock. I'm sure when the clock is being watched, the point of view being presented by the resident speaking is not welcome. Is this true equality? In my mind, this says that certain council members only care to hear from those residents that are in agreement with their views. To be fair to all, why not start using a timer so every resident has an equal amount of time?

I must say that the most disturbing thing happened as I made it to my car upon leaving the last village council meeting in January. Someone had placed flyers on windshields of the cars in the parking lot with scandalous accusations concerning someone initiating a recall.

This person is not running for an office, so what is to discredit? What a dirty, cowardly act!

There are many great people who live in and love Goodrich; a few others, I question their motives. I can only hope that more of us can learn to lead by example.

Brenda Hawkins


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