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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

February 02, 2011 - 15 years ago - 1996

"Driver's ed revisited" In response to traffic crashes in which young drivers were killed, state legislators looked to make drivers' training tougher. Ron Santavicca and Fred Spain in Clarkston said they were all for the proposed graduated licensing program.

"2001 – a Sashabaw odyssey" Traffic was a problem on Sashabaw Road, especially during Pine Knob concert season, but road widening was not expected until 2001. State funding needed for the project was redirected to major state trunk lines.

"Love 'em or hate 'em: they're 'The Jungle'" Made up of students, the fan section made it their mission to be loudest and most enthusiastic in support of various Clarkston High School teams, but some displayed unsportsmanlike conduct. Administration responded with a set of rules and standards.

25 years ago - 1986

"Who's afraid of big, bad owls" Clarkston Department of Public Works mounted an inflatable owl on top of Rudy's Market on Main Street, hoping to keep pigeons away. The birds weren't fooled by the artificial predator.

"Earthquake rattles residents, no injuries but phones abuzz" A 5.0 Richter scale earthquake in Ohio was felt in Clarkston, knocking books and dishes off shelves and scaring people.

"Photo inquiry" In the wake of the Challenger space shuttle disaster, the Clarkston News asked if civilians should participate in the space program. Respondents Bill Heichel, Brian Shoup, Chris Newberry, and Rebecca Lewis said yes, they should.

50 years ago - 1961

"Theater group becomes 'Village Players'" The newly organized theater group, led by Nicholas Rossano, gave itself a name. Stirring with enthusiasm, the promising new group hoped to bring Little Theater to Clarkston.

"Polio clinic biggest yet" The clinic at Clarkston Elementary was successful beyond the greatest expectation of planners – 350 shots were given out in the first hour, with a total of 1,350 during the day.

"Sherlock Holmes, anyone" A $10 prize was offered to anyone who could identify an object on display in Bob's Hardware window. The "doo-jiggie" was said to have been found in an older Church Street home. All people were sure of was it wasn't a set of brass knuckles.

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