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Reader sees lots to learn from

February 02, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Thumbs up to Independence Township trustees Neil Wallace and David Lohmeier for publicly questioning how purchases are funded and taxpayer money is spent, even when not on their watch.

Thumbs down to Treasurer Curt Carson for saying he wasn't going to second guess the previous board's actions. This is a similar to the response the Clarkston city manager gave when asked to respond to allegations against city DPW employee activity ("Ex-employees challenge City DPW director," Dec. 22, 2010).

Even when he finally responded that some of it was true, the council did nothing to stop it other than say it should not happen again. If our elected representatives are not responsible for past actions, and past boards, who is?

How will any of us move ahead if we don't look at what we have done, evaluate if it was done correctly, and improve the process when possible?

Ideally you prevent the robbery at the bank before it happens. You don't say. "The bank got robbed but I'm not going to ask how." Preventing a fire is always better than fighting the fire and paying for the loss.

In this case, you should not wait for the Department of Treasury to say you did it wrong, especially when few people even knew it was happening at all.

As Mr. Wallace stated, "We do not want to be making those same kinds of mistakes."

Thank you Mr. Wallace, as all mistakes by government are paid for by the taxpayers who really cannot afford to do so.

Please be more open and public about how government spends our money and when you do make mistakes, please learn from them so they don't happen again.

Cory Johnston


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