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From left, Ashleigh Orlowski, Kiran Stump and Mackenzie Sweeten check out Stump’s invention. (click for larger version)
February 02, 2011 - Empty cans, bottles, and boxes sent off for recycling – what good is any of that stuff?

Plenty, Andersonville Elementary students learned, making tools, toys, and other products from the cast offs.

Third graders demonstrated what they learned at their Recycled Invention Science Fair, Jan. 20.

"This is the cumulative activity for our recycling unit," said Angela Comp, third grade teacher. "They just love it. It's a chance to be creative, show off what they're thinking and help save the planet."

Third-grader Betsey Walkowiak made a small-dog getaway, using cardboard, leftover paint, pieces from an old shelving unit, and bowls made from cut-down two-liter soda bottles.

"My dog kept eating grandma's little dog's food, so I made this," Walkowiak said. "He goes into it all the time."

"It's better than just throwing away stuff – use it to make newer things," said Luke Wiley, who made a Recycle Ball game out of bottle caps, twist ties, and styrofoam.

"I learned everyone can help the environment – not cut down as many trees as before," Walkowiak said.

Phil is editor for The Clarkston News. He is a veteran of the first Iraq war, having served in the U.S. Army.
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