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Whether mechanically or artistically inclined, there was something for everyone at the Paint Creek Science Fair & Art Show. Photos by Gabriel Ouzounian (click for larger version)
February 02, 2011 - The kids at Paint Creek Elementary are getting a head start on their artistic and scientific endeavors.

The Paint Creek Science Fair and Art Show presented a number of exhibits and pieces from children attending the school, and provided interesting sights for both the artistically inclined and those with more mechanical minds.

Rebecca Moll, event organizer for the science fair, said that the event gave the kids a chance to show off what they liked about science to former engineers and chemists.

Madison McDonald, 8, and Mackenzie Hanigan, 8, show off their first prize-winning crystal growing display. (click for larger version)
"We had around 78 projects this year from kids who were interested, and from those I think 61 wanted to be judged" said Moll.

"We have professional judges for the awards, like retired engineers and chemists, who I brought in from personal relations and contacts, while a lot of the younger kids got medals just for participating.

"I'm always keeping my eye out for people with professional backgrounds who would be willing to judge at these events."

Yet despite the ratings, many of the kids participated because of a genuine interest in the medium.

Fifth grader Alex Carroll, 11, created a presentation that showed how submarines work.

David Lane, 8, stands by his display explaining rockets. (click for larger version)
With the use of a small container filled with air, a detachable weight, and a water filled aquarium, he explained how air allows an object to rise when submerged.

"So when the weight is attached, it goes underwater until it hits the bottom, but then the weight falls off," said Carroll. The capsule rises out of the water to the top because water is denser than air."

The first place winners for the third grade category, the duo of Madison McDonald and Mackenzie Hanigan, grew crystals because they thought it was interesting, but also because Hanigan had received a crystal growing kit for Christmas.

Joanna Garrison, 10, displays the art she created. (click for larger version)
Children more interested in the artistic medium participated in the art show, which featured pieces chosen by the three art teachers at elementary.

Ivanka Jordan, coordinator of the art show and parent volunteer, said that the show "was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their talent."

"We encourage everyone to participate, and after the teachers choose a piece we ask for the student's approval before putting their art in the show," said Jordan. "Everyone receives a ribbon for participating, and it's really good chance to show parents the different mediums that their kids get to use.

"Parents don't always get the chance to see what their child is making, and this lets them see it."

Jordan added that the event was also aided by high school students who arrived to help set up and run the show while earning community service hours for their efforts.

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