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Letter to the editor

'Why I will be voting no'

February 02, 2011 - Dear editor,

1. Why should we suffer 18 years of additional taxation to pay for new schoolbuses?

2. Why should we suffer 18 years of additional taxation to pay for new computers?

I have never heard of either school buses or computers lasting 18 years. Have you?

The Lake Orion School Board has as yet to follow the example of the 24 wise Oakland County school districts who have placed themselves on the cost saving measure of going onto the November general elections.

Lake Orion is one of only four school districts that have refused to show any fiscal responsibility in this matter — thus costing the taxpayers between $30,000 up to $42,000 per each special, stand-a-lone election. In one case the only issue on the ballot was the election of only one school board candidate.

If memory serves me right — in 2009 when the school board vote took place regarding having elections in November the public was not even invited to participate in the discussion. Only one board member voted to support the November elections, and she is no longer on the board.

Let us also not forget the time worn issue that has come up over and over again. Conducting the election in February would more than likely leave out most of the senior snowbirds that have gone to more comfortable climates over the winter months. You cannot help but think it is by the design and desire of this school board and the administration.

The September 25, 2001Oakland County Intermediate School Districts costly and deceptive Stealth Election is still emblazoned in my mind.

As long as the aforementioned issues remain in place with the Lake Orion School Board, I will keep voting NO until the school board and the administration can show true fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Mary MacMaster,

Orion Township

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