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Letter to the editor

LOHS teacher weighs in

February 02, 2011 - Dear editor,

First, my disclaimer: Yes, I am a teacher in Lake Orion who deals with technology every day. Yes, I have a bias towards wanting modern technology to use in my classroom and my building. And, yes, I live in Lake Orion, pay Lake Orion taxes, and have three children who have graduated from Lake Orion schools.

One of the milestones of my career was working on the technology design for Lake Orion High School. We planned for a computer in every classroom and office and 12 computer labs all networked with internet access - in 1997. Having access to the internet dramatically changed education for our students. When the building was fully operational, we were named as one of the top 100 Wired Schools in the nation by Family PC Magazine and the Princeton Review the only high school in Michigan on that list. We were the best.

Now it is ten years later and the world continues to change and we can't slow it down. Our high school population has increased by 52 percent since our building opened. And our students expect a lot more. They expect to be able to access a computer and the internet whenever needed, they expect to see video clips of history and science and not just read about it. They want to publish their work for the world online, not just hand write it for the teacher.

In 2008 we participated in the Speak Up nation-wide survey. We surveyed our parents, students, and teachers. Some of the things we found:

94 percent of parents have full access to a computer.

95 percent of homes in Lake Orion have broadband speed internet.

Only 45 percent of parents think their students learn enough tech skills.

Only 35 percent of parents think the schools' technology is up-to-date.

60 percent of our students have access to a laptop computer for their own use.

63 percent of our students wish their own devices would work at school (wireless network)

We have the opportunity on February 22nd to make a difference. Passage of the school bond issue will allow our district to provide a needed technology upgrade for our students creating a technology rich environment to which our students are accustomed. Technology does not stand still, nor do our students, but our schools often are stuck.

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