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Oxford police log

February 02, 2011 - Monday, January 31 - A Nintendo Wii, controllers and games were reported missing from a residence on Gill. The homeowner informed Oakland County Sheriff's she put her child down for a nap, then proceeded to take a nap herself without checking to see if the doors were locked. The homeowner suspected it was someone she knew because nothing else was disturbed in the house.

*An officer was requested to advise the owner of a semi truck that the vehicle was blocking several parking spots in the NW lot and the vehicle needed to be moved.

*Car accident between a Nissan and a Cavalier on E. Burdick and Washington.

*A citizen came to the Village Police Station to see if his stolen bike was there.

*A previous owner of a residence on N. Washington removed a washing machine that did not belong to him. The current owner was going to file a larceny report.

Sunday, January 30 - Oakland County Sheriff's busted three individuals for underage drinking at a party on Drahner.

When officers arrived at the residence, they observed three males sitting at the kitchen table drinking alcohol. When officers knocked on the door, two of the males ran out of sight. A young male answered the door and officers could tell the individual was smoking marijuana. The individual told officers that he was house sitting for the homeowner, who was away on vacation.

After officers entered the house, citing concern there might have been underage drinking, they discovered bottles of beer stacked behind the counter along with bags of marijuana and five males in the house. After searching the residence, a homemade bong and a marijuana pipe were found with marijuana residue inside them. Deputies contacted the home owner, who denied using marijuana.

The individual watching the house was issued a citation for host party ordnance violation. Two other individuals were given citations for under 21 consuming alcohol. All of the individuals, except for the house sitter, were asked to leave the residence.

*A wallet was stolen at an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. No suspects are known at this time.

*A customer resfused to leave an establishment on S. Washington and causing problems.

*Police assisted a male, 97, who was having difficulty breathing.

*A caller reported a bunch of people trespassing on the ice at Oxford Lake.

*A person was spotted ice fishing on Glaspie.

Saturday, January 29 - Police assisted a motorist who had a flat tire on S. Lapeer Rd.

*A suspicious person was reported on S. Washington. A man was reported to be walking from the north covered in blood. A truck was also reported on the grass on Crawford St.

*Report of an out of control 17-year-old on Woodleigh Way.

*Suspicious person reported on Crawford St.

Friday, January 28 - An individual tried to steal a bluetooth headset from a store on N. Lapeer Rd.

*An individual drove off from a gas station on S. Lapeer Rd. without paying for $41.46 worth of gas.

*Report of someone breaking into a neighbors garage on Chesapeake.

Thursday, January 27 - A suspicious person was reported on Doral. The reporting person stated she heard footsteps on her front porch, but she ignored them thinking it was a solicitor. She looked out her window 10 minutes later and saw an individual sitting in a grey parked car. She looked out the window again 10 minutes later and noticed the vehicle was gone. Then she discovered a set of footprints going around the residence, stopping at every window and door. The individual did not knock on any doors. The woman could not give a description of the man or the vehicle.

*An individual on Sunset Blvd. was receiving threatening messages from an individual in Lapeer.

*Officers responded to a subject who was injured after falling on Lakes Edge Dr.

*There was a report of a vehicle hitting a building on Pontiac St. and the individuals involved were fighting in the parking lot.

*A woman called police to report a disturbance in front of her home, but all parties left before officers arrived.

*A vehicle parked in the SW lot was blocking traffic. Parking citation was issued.

Wednesday, January 26 -Officers received a report of a bat in a home on W. Burdick.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on W. Burdick.

*Officers received a call about a driver potentially operating under the influence of liquor on N. Lapeer Rd.

*A car was parked too close to the stop sign on the corner of Hovey and Crawford.

*Possible operating while intoxicated reported heading north from Drahner. Officer stopped the vehicle and after testing, determined the driver was not intoxicated.

Tuesday, January 25 - An alleged assault occurred outside an apartment on Pontiac St. Officers observed a laceration on the subjects hand. When asked to give a statement, the individual kept changing his story and could not give a viable description of what happened or who his attackers were. The individual was treated and released at the scene.

*Malicious destruction of property reported on Hunters Rill.

*Slip and fall accident on S. Washington and W. Burdick.

*Owner of a retail unit on S. Washington went into a bathroom with no door handles and got locked in the bathroom. The individual was rescued and was not harmed.

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