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'What would you do with 1,000 Pop-Tarts?'

Kevin Loughlin and the 1,000 Pop-tarts he recieved. Photo provided. (click for larger version)
February 02, 2011 - Brandon Twp.- Kevin Loughlin is a fan of Pop-Tarts.

He now has approximately 1,000 of them in boxes in his basement to prove it.

The breakfast pastries were delivered Jan. 28 to Loughlin's doorstep in the township after he entered a contest on Facebook to win them in November.

"I was bored one day, probably not doing my homework and I was on Facebook," said the Brandon High School senior. "I became a fan of Pop-Tarts and it took me to a page where there was a question, 'What would you do with 1,000 Pop-Tarts?' I typed in that I would eat them... all of them."

It seems the obvious answer, but Loughlin said a lot of other responses were ridiculous and didn't seem very feasible to him— such as making a Pop-Tart house.

He didn't think much more of it, but early last month, he received an e-mail from Kellogg, telling him to print and authorize a form and send it back.

"I was pretty sure I won, but wasn't entirely sure, because the Pop-Tarts weren't in front of me," said the Brandon High School senior. "Then on Friday, a bunch of Pop-Tarts showed up. I went to the door and there were a bunch of boxes with Pop-Tarts on them. The UPS guy was leaving and said, 'Enjoy.'"

Loughlin plans to do just that. He received the Pop-Tarts in two flavors, brown sugar cinnamon— which he loves— and strawberry, which he isn't a big fan of, but said he will certainly find out if he likes them or not.

Besides the Pop-Tarts, Loughlin also received a video camera and flash drive, so he can be videotaped eating the treats and then send the video back to receive a T-shirt and possibly be part of an advertising campaign for Kellogg.

"I'm going to have some friends over and we're going to eat a lot of Pop-Tarts," said Loughlin, who also sent some of the pastries to U.S. troops overseas. "I'm not sure how long they will last, it depends on how many people help me eat them. I usually eat one or two with every meal now, and for all my snacks. I haven't gotten sick of them yet and I don't worry about calories."

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