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Letter to the editor

February 09, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Thank you so much to the Clarkston Retailers Group on the wonderful Progressive Cocktail Party! It was a festive, fun event that many of us hope will become an annual tradition.

A year or two ago when the "My Clarkston Buy Clarkston" campaign was kicked off by your organization, Clarkston, Detroit, Michigan, and the whole country was in the worst of the very deep, difficult recession.

Although we all love Clarkston and love to shop and eat here, an irony was noticed by many of us. Although you were encouraging us to shop and eat out locally, so many of you drive foreign cars.

If the American car industry isn't healthy, Clarkston isn't healthy and then your businesses are not healthy. Wouldn't it make sense for you to support all those who earn their means through the American car industry by also buying American cars?

From what we've seen, local business owners are predominantly driving foreign cars.

If you want Clarkstonites to have the financial freedom to shop for the interesting luxuries sold in your shops and to eat out, which is also a luxury, please support us.

Thank you and let's work together to make Clarkston flourish.

Name withheld at writer's request

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