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Letter to the Editor

Call for quiet at high school musicals

February 23, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Whatever happened to, "sit back and enjoy the show"? I think theatre etiquette has become lost in the explosion of electronic devices, and so it was during the performance of Cinderella at Clarkston High School Performing Arts Center last Saturday evening.

Before the play began, an announcement was made to turn off all cell phones, and other electronic devices, and please don't text during the performance.

However, the person seated in front of me, for whatever reason, felt he was an exception to the rule, and he repeatedly videoed various scenes with his video device. The glare from the tiny bright images on his viewer kept distracting me from the play, and while the performance was one of the best I have seen at Clarkston High, I was not able to "sit back and really enjoy the show."

Thanks, I just had to sound off to someone,

Fred Hofer

Independence Township

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