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Letter to the Editor

Gov. proposes too many school cuts

February 23, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I am appalled by Gov. Snyder's proposed cuts in education of up to $470 per student.

This means that for each and every classroom of 30 students, they will slash an unbelievable $14,100! This will be the cut in every classroom in every school district in Michigan!

This will probably mean many programs will be cut in each and every school and class sizes will increase immensely as well as other unimaginable changes. I thought that in this global economy, the goal was to raise the standards in our schools so our children could compete.

Taking this amount of money away from schools will devastate them. I guess the governor wants to change his nickname from "One Tough Nerd" to "The Only Tough Nerd!" Are you scared for our children? I am.

Margaret M. Junker, grandmother of four

Independence Township

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