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Letter to the editor

'We are truly leaving the students behind'

February 23, 2011 - Dear editor,

I am saddened at the ignorance of the people who voted 'No' on the bond in this community because with this bond proposal failing we are truly leaving the students in this district behind.

Even with the bond failing there are items that still have to be addressed - Orion Oaks still has to get a new roof, busses still need to be bought, and Webber will still need new plumbing - just because the bond won't be paying for it doesn't mean the problem is going away.

It will be a tough time for our district, school board, and community in the upcoming months and years when addressing the budget.

With recent cuts to education proposed by the governor, and this bond not passing, the district is looking at millions of dollars in cuts from the budget.

Art/music in the elementary schools might have to be cut more, transportation to the high school may have to be cut, transportation to athletic events for teams may have to be cut, staff at the middle schools may have to be cut, Lake Orion may have to become an open district, all for (a voter denial of) $160 a year in an increase of taxes.

I know this thought of the district having a "rainy day" fund being in existence, so why don't we use that now?, but that fund has been being used for many years now and with the current outlook it seems to be non-existent within the next year or two. Overall it makes me sad because I am graduating this year and I see that the experience I had with the Lake Orion School District won't be the same for the class of 2012, 2013 and so on.

Their opportunities will be cut and their quality of education will be cut as well and it is disappointing that we didn't have the community's support on this one.

But, I do have faith in our school board and administration that they will do their best to continue Lake Orion's excellence in schooling. I'd like to say that they did a great job in presenting this bond proposal and trying to educate the community about it. And a great job to the Vote Yes committee who did their very best in trying to get the bond passed.

-Rawley Van Fossen

LOHS senior

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