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Letter to the editor

Praise for Patterson's personal integrity

March 02, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Though she wasn't appointed clerk, we now know we have a person of exemplary character in our community, Joan Patterson.

Patterson, a Clarkston School Board member, should be recognized by all for her honesty and integrity. She is indeed a pillar of the community!

Publicly exposing the facts surrounding the private meeting in which Treasurer Curt Carson and clerk candidate Joan McCrary offered Mrs. Patterson a salaried township position to bow out of consideration for clerk took an extreme amount of bravery. This is what we hope and expect our leaders to do.

What we don't expect from our leaders are sneaky, underhanded attempts to try to eliminate candidates on procedural technicalities. And when that failed, Carson and McCrary tried brokering a secret backdoor deal by offering Mrs. Patterson compensation, deputy clerk job, to bow out.

Mr. Carson's backdoor dealings have brought an inexcusable black eye to the community and has put a cloud of suspicion over the treasurers office.

Township residents expect our treasurer to be someone that we can trust with our money. Someone with the same honesty and integrity as Joan Patterson.

Mr. Carson still says he didn't do anything wrong. So, if he doesn't know right from wrong when appointing a clerk, then we can't trust him to know right from wrong when controlling our money. Mr. Carson should resign, and do so immediately! We no longer trust him.


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Powell

Independence Township

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