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Oxford police log

March 02, 2011 - Monday, February 28 - A caller stated a traffic light was out in the area of Lapeer Rd. and Oakwood.

*A caller on E. Burdick wanted to know if her landlord could kick her out. She was advised they would have to kick her out. She told the officer she would call if she had any problems.

*A male was reported to be following a young female on Pontiac St. The male and female were last seen going into the parking lot of Oxford Elementary School. Officer found the subjects along Pontiac St. and Park St. They informed the officer they were boyfriend and girlfriend and they were messing around and being silly.

*An officer was out with three juveniles on Dennison and Hovey. They told the officer they were on their way home.

Sunday, February 27 - Oakland County Sheriff's issued an appearance in court ticket to the mother of a 16-year-old who was driving her car without his level one permit. The mother was not in the vehicle with her son, who was caught driving without legal guardian over the age of 21 with him.

*A caller reported an elderly man fell on S. Washington and Crawford St. while walking northbound. The man was not injured.

*Officers received a report of an escaped dog on W. Burdick and Pontiac St. Officer located the dog, but was unable to pick it up.

Saturday, February 26 - An unknown individual made a 10 inch hole in a vehicle. No one was seen near the vehicle and no evidence was left inside or outside the vehicle.

*Operating under the influence of liquor reported on W. Burdick.

*Open building reported on Center Ct. The screen door was closed, but the main door had been open the previous day and today. The residence was vacant and the door was secured.

*Caller reported a road runoff on Lakeville Rd. and Wildcat Dr. No injuries were reported.

*A caller reported witnessing a Chevy Yukon strike a Ford Explorer on S. Washington.

*Auburn Hills Police Department requested a check of an address on Pontiac St. for a possible hit and run driver that occurred in their city. The AHPD spoke with the resident, who said she was not involved in the accident in question.

*A caller reported being attacked by a dog on Red Barn.

*Police gave a citizen a ride to an address on Laurel Leah Dr.

Friday, February 25 - Disturbing the peace reported on Crawford St. Police were unable to locate the loud music complaint.

*A vehicle parked in a handicapped space on Pontiac St and was occupied and running. Contact was made with the driver, who was advised to move the vehicle and not park there in the future.

*During an open 9-1-1 line, dispatch heard kids planning to throw snowballs at cars and actually go through with it. Then they heard a motorist stop, yell at the kids and the kids start to run away. The owner of the phone went to make a phone call and realized the line was open the whole time and 9-1-1 heard everything.

*A caller on Tanview asked if Oakland County Sheriff's responded to an alarm going off at his residence because he received a call from his alarm company. When he got home, he noticed footprints surrounding his home and wondered if they were from the sheriff's department.

Thursday, February 24 - There was a report of a resident pushing another resident in the showers at Crossroads for Youth because the resident winked at him and touched his butt. The winking resident was previously told by Crossroads staff to cease winking at people in the shower area.

*A loud party was reported on Crawford St.

*A case of identity theft was reported on Crawford St.

Wednesday, February 23 - A woman was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor after she was allegedly doing donuts and tearing up the street in the area of W. Drahner and Augusta Blvd.

*A caller on Lapeer Rd. reported a car wash to be on fire. No flames were visible and dispatch lost the connection before they were able to get any more information. They were unable to get in touch with the caller on the callback.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lakeville Rd. after a caller smelled oil. It turned out the smell was coming from a smoke stack from a building.

*A light pole in the parking lot behind the Veterans Hall was knocked over.

*A female wanted to speak with an officer about her son, who she thought was smoking marijuana.

*A motorist broke down on Lakeville Rd. and Wildcat Dr.

Tuesday, February 22 - A newspaper carrier called and stated a white male, approximately 20 and wearing a dark hoodie, was closely watching her before disappearing behind a building on E. Burdick. Officers were not able to locate the subject.

*Possible operating while intoxicated reported heading northbound from W. Burdick St. The vehicle was last seen at Lapeer and Ray Rd.

*A subject was reported to be snow-throwing while snow-blowing at an unknown address between Hovey and Pontiac St. Officers were unable to locate the individual responsible for the snow-throwing.

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