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Wage freeze for all Addison officials, employees

March 02, 2011 - There will be no raises for any Addison Township employees this year, except for one position in the fire department.

At the Feb. 22 meeting, the township board adopted a wage freeze for all elected officals, employees and appointed officals of Addison Township.

"During these economic times, it is imperative that we continue to conserve and freeze our wages," Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson said.

He added that the township wasn't going to consider wages "whatsoever."

Right now the township clerk, supervisor and treasurer make $32,401.98 per year. The clerk also makes $16,100 in additional salary, including longevity, for additional duties done around the office.

Pearson said the township was operating at a "bare minimum" for staffing. According to Pearson, they had to let go of some full-time positions and replace them with part-time positions in an effort to save money.

However, he noted the township was able to offer just as many services to its residents with the current staffing levels as before.

The board also made a resolution freezing the wages for the fire department, except for the area of part-time paramedic, which saw a pay increase from $13.10 per hour to $14.02.

Addison Township Fire Chief Jerry Morawski told the board the increase was needed in order to attract more qualified individuals to the position.

"When I ran an ad back in November looking to fill that gap and give the department more depth, I received two applications because the wages were so low for the part-time position," he said.

The part-time paramedic comes in when the full-time paramedics are not on duty.

"We need experience out here, and you realize that part-time paramedic could be by themselves...and be the only paramedic on the scene," he said.

Morawski indicated by increasing the pay for the part-time position, the township would also save money.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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