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Addison Township

Meeting Synopsis on February 22 and February 28, 2011

March 09, 2011 - Township of Addison

Board of Trustees

Meeting Synopsis

Addison Township Board of Trustees met on February 22 and February 28, 2011. The meetings were held at the Addison Township Complex, located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367. The following action was taken:

February 22, 2011

Approved the Consent Agenda consisting of the Minutes: January 18, 2011, Bills as paid for January 2011,Kingsbury Country Day Fair, June 5, 2011, NOTA 1st quarter billing of $5035.50 and Friends of the Library, facility use request May 20 and May 21, 2011 with Kingsbury and Friends contingent upon certificate of insurance and Township as additional insured.

Approved 2011 Wage Resolutions freezing wages with exception to the EMT/P category.

Waived the Purchasing Ordinance for Spring Clean Up.

Approved Spring Clean up for May 7, 2011 and renewed the contract.

Approved the termination of Accident Fund and authorized MTA/WCSIF for the Workers Compensation Insurance.

Township Contracts: Board authorized to renew or letting of sealed bids for the following contracts: Auditor/ renew or lower, lawn service out for bid, payroll service out for bid, Janitorial/cleaning service out for bid, library lease renew, health insurance out for bid, snow plowing out for bid, floor care out for bid, Engineers renew contingent upon Matt Hocking as representative, open/close of grave sites renew and Kingsbury school lease renew.

Approved the BS&A Software expenditure for $1625.00

Approved the Resolution adopting the Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance. (International Fire Code)

February 28, 2011

Approved agenda as presented.

Budget work session.

Fire Department budget presented by Chief Morawski

Police budget presented by Sergeant Brudvig

Park Budget presented by Joe Schnur and Eric Eisenhart

Please contact the Clerk's office if you have questions.

Pauline Bennett,

Township of Addison Clerk 248-628-3317

Publish: March 9, 2011

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