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Oxford police log

March 09, 2011 - Monday, March 7 - Oakland County Sheriff's Department assisted the Oxford Fire Department at the scene of a child near-drowning on Beaumont Ct. The father of the one-year-old was giving him a bath when he left the child in the bathtub, which was filled up to the child's stomach, to get a clean towel. When the father returned, the child had slipped underneath the water. The father immediately picked the child up, who started coughing up water. When the fire department arrived, the child was conscious and breathing. The child was taken to Crittenton Hospital for further evaluation.

*Two subjects stated they ran out of gas on Oxford Lakes Dr. and Bay Pointe Dr.

*An unknown individual dropped off a Boring machine in the back lot on S. Washington, which was impeding traffic. Contact was made with the owner of the vehicle, who moved it.

*Possible operating while intoxicated reported on N. Lapeer and Dryden.

*Some burnt popcorn set off the fire alarm at Oxford High School.

Sunday, March 6 - Some family trouble was reported on Mechanic. An officer reported that neither individual wanted to leave the residence after the officer suggested it to them.

*Car accident reported on Dunlap. No injuries were reported.

*Wires were reported down on Seymour Lake Rd.

Saturday, March 5 - Suspicious vehicle reported in the SW Lot.

*The driver of a Pontiac Sunfire was reportedly speeding and using the turn lane to pass people on S. Washington. Police were unable to locate the driver or vehicle.

*Domestic disturbance reported on W. Burdick.

*Accident on S. Lapeer Rd. No injuries were reported.

*Police assisted a motorist on S. Washington and W. Burdick.

*Numerous vehicles were improperly parked in the SW Lot. They were moved.

*Suspicious vehicle reported on Glaspie St.

Friday, March 4 - A motorist informed police that he was following a possible drunk driver at Seymour Lake Rd. and Boulder Pointe Dr.

*Car accident reported on S. Lapeer Rd. and Indian Lake Rd.

*A car was reported to be on it's side on Drahner and Pontiac St.

*Property damage was reported on Park St.

*A vehicle was traveling southbound on Lapeer Rd. with something hanging out of the drivers side door. Officers checked the area for the driver and vehicle, but were unable to locate them.

*Some individuals were reported to be yelling on S. Washington.

*A second group of individuals was reported to be yelling at the people across the street from them on S. Washington.

*A caller reported a possible fire on Cypress. The resident thought she saw a fire, but it turned out to be a flag with a light on it.

*Police assisted an elderly man who slipped and fell on Basket Branch and needed help getting up after his wife was unable to help him up.

Thursday, March 3 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on Pleasant.

*A suspicious juvenile was reported on N. Washington. Police found the juvenile and called the mother.

*Disabled motorist was reported on Pontiac St.

*Some concrete was reported to be in the road on N. Washington and First St.

Wednesday, March 2 - A woman was caught trying to steal $162.74 worth of merchandise from a store on N. Lapeer Rd. The woman tried to conceal the merchandise in her purse and was discarding the packaging on various shelves throughout the store. The woman proceeded to pay for a few items, but kept the rest of the items in her purse. She walked out the door, where she was caught by store security. The woman was issued a ticket for retail fraud in the third degree.

*An abandoned auto was found in the NW Lot.

*A possible overdose was reported on Crawford St.

*Report of a subject stealing a bottle of lotion while leaving a store on N. Washington. The incident was caught on tape.

*A utility truck was doing some fiber optic slicing on the corner of Moyer and Hovey late at night for the school and a resident complained it was disturbing the peace. An officer told the workers they would have to shut down for the evening because they were being too loud.

Tuesday, March 1 - Oakland County Sheriff's responded to a domestic assault that occurred on W. Davison Lake Rd. in Oxford Twp.

*Village police assisted with a funeral procession on W. Burdick.

*An abandoned vehicle was reported on Thornehill Trail.

*A power line was smoking on Ray Rd. after a tree had fallen on top of it.

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