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Orion Oaks presents ARF!

Orion Oaks Elementary students donned some furry fashions last week and presented their own version of the play ARF! Pictured Emily Hodson stands triumphantly amidst applause during the show’s finale. Photo by GabrielOuzounian (click for larger version)
March 09, 2011 - Having a "dog's life" isn't always a bad thing, especially for the dezinins of "dogtown."

For one night on Thursday, March 3, the first and second graders of Orion Oaks Elementary, known as "lower L," had an opportunity to dress up as their favorite canines as they acted out an adaptation of the play ARF!

Originally written by John Jacobson and John Higgins, this presentation was adapted for the child actors by Orion Oaks Music Teacher Abby Reynolds, who said she is a big believer in musicals for the young age group.

"Every student that wanted to talk got to talk, and everyone who wanted to be in the show had a chance to be in the show," said Reynolds. "It shows the kids the value of practicing, and ends up being great for their confidence."

Around 100 kids took to the stage to act, sing, and even perform a few solos, much to the delight of their parents.

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