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March 16, 2011 - In this week's edition of your community newspaper, The Clarkston News, is the culmination of two months' work. Our annual Progress Edition, Trends 2011, showcases the vitality of our local business community.

Over 40 area businesses participated this year and we are appreciative of their continued support, without which we could not keep the community informed and entertained (which are only two of the things we do). What else does your community newspaper do? Is it even relevant in this, the 21st Century? We think so.

The Clarkston News has been this community's newspaper of record since 1929. Week in and week out, reporters, editors, publishers -- more importantly readers and business owners -- have been connected to one another through these pages.

The Clarkston News is a paid circulation newspaper -- over 3,000 people pay to stay informed and connected to the community. Business owners and individuals who advertise in The Clarkston News not only get this actively participating group of buyers, they also reach into nearly every address delivered by the Clarkston and Davisburg post offices via the Penny Stretcher!

The Clarkston News is always looking for ways to make connections; eight years ago we launched our first webpage, www.ClarkstonNews.com. In 2010, we flipped the switch for www.ClarkstonTV.com, our second website.

This year we have already put the Penny Stretcher on-line (www.OurPennyStretcher.com) and our newest publication, the full color, glossy Big Deal couponer (www.BigDeal2011).

We have completed our first year of bringing local business owners together with our weekly Coffee Club meetings and are looking forward to a good year with our new initiative, Jim's List.

Please read more about what's new with your community newspaper and the other fine businesses that make up and support our community!

-- Don Rush, asst. publisher

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