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Letter to the editor

How is your vote decided?

March 16, 2011 - Dear editor,

I continue to find it amazing that people in our community would vote for a school board candidate just based on whether they supported the bond or not! (Yes, this is an issue).

The role of a school board member is so much more than whether they voted "yes" or voted "no." I hope people become more open-minded and do the research on the candidates; their values, their knowledge of LOCS, their level of commitment to the process, the actual role and responsibilities (and limitations) of a school board member - it is so much more than "how they voted."

Have you voted for all of your elected officials based on how they voted on bike paths, police and fire millages, library millages, etc.? Did you even know how they voted? Or if they did or did not support these issues? Or did you vote for them because you believed in their values, commitment, ideas and plans for your community?

I am supporting Birgit McQuiston and Melissa Miller in the upcoming LOCS Board of Education election, May 3.

I believe in their values, ideas and commitment to our school district and our community.  Birgit and Melissa have already been asking the tough questions, thinking "outside the box" for solutions to the budget concerns, sharing their thoughts and ideas, attending board of ed, committees and other LOCS meetings (regularly for several years), researching the process and becoming educated on how schools are governed and funded on federal, state and local levels. 

I hope our community chooses to elect the best candidates for the right reasons ... not based on whether they did or did not support the bond.  I look forward to learning more about the other candidates to make an informed decision for the other two seats on the board.  Reminder to our community - the school board election is non-partisan - please remember that!

Karen Appledorn

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