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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

March 23, 2011 - 15 years ago - 1996

"The playscape's on fire!" Neighbors of the Bay Court playscape were shocked to see flames in the park, thinking the play structure was burning down. But it was just an exercise by Independence Township Fire Department.

"Growth encircles Clarkston schools" More than 1,200 new homes in 71 developments were expected to add hundreds of students to the school district. Responses included a bond request and new elementary school.

"Brainstorming the art of writing" Organized by teacher Michele Shaltz, Pine Knob Elementary students kicked off the school's writing contest with a performance by Brainstormers, a performing arts group.

25 years ago - 1986

"Party folks" Independence Township Board members celebrated the township's sesquicentennial at the Clarkston Mills Mall restaurant with an old-fashioned photo session in antique clothing. Sporting top hats, bowlers, and other 19th-century accessories were board members Frank Ronk, Carol Balzarini, Richard Holman, Daniel Travis, John Lutz, and William Vandermark.

"First graders reject Garbage Pail Kid cards" Joshua Panbid, Brooksie Patterson, Brook Wagner, Cassie Sanford, Melissa Petiprin, Heather Unsworth and other Clarkston Elementary students wrote letters to manufacturers of Garbage Pail Kids cards. They found the cards, which spoofed Cabbage Patch Kids, to be "nasty," "very bad," and "stupid."

"BPW selects Rebecca Ridley for club award" Waterford-Clarkston Business and Professional Women Organization honored the Clarkston High School graduate with the Young Career Woman of the Year award.

50 years ago - 1961

"Civil defense equipment needed" Civil Defense of Independence Township asked residents to register wreckers, blow torches, trucks, bulldozers, chainsaws, and other equipment for use in emergencies.

"What's 'all numbers calling'" The latest development in telephone numbering was seven numbers to make a call, replacing a system of letters and numbers. For example, KL 5-2368 became 555-2368. They were running out of usable letter-number combinations.

"Clarkston local" Mr. and Mrs. Evan Leonard of Waldon Road spent three days in Cadillac, leaving on Thursday afternoon and returning Sunday night.

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