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SYNOPSIS of March 9, 2011 meeting




Of the Regular Meeting of the Charter Township of Oxford Board of Trustees held on March 9, 2011 at the Oxford Veterans Memorial Building, 28 N. Washington St., Oxford, MI 48371 (2nd floor).

PRESENT: Supervisor Dunn, Clerk Wright, Treasurer Ferrari, Trustee Bellairs, Trustee Cryderman, Trustee Bunting and Trustee Spisz.


The following actions were taken:

Approved the agenda as amended.

Authorized Trustee Bunting to work with Sgt. Patterson regarding ordinance language for noise, curfew for minors, loitering and parking on private property and bring it back to the Township Board at a future meeting.

Approved the Consent Agenda as presented.

Send proposed Ordinance 103.003 back to the Planning Commission for further discussion.

Agreed to develop an ordinance relative to Township cemeteries.

Authorized Clerk Wright to work with Trustee Cryderman on revisions to proposed Cemetery Ordinance No. 120, and bring it back to the Township Board for a consensus that it is ready for a First Reading.

Approved the contract with New World Maintenance, amending it to remove the five (5) modules for the Community Development Suite.

Authorized Supervisor Dunn to sign the Release and Quit Claim Deed between CEMEX Materials, LLC and the Charter Township of Oxford for the cul-de-sac at the end of Ora Avenue in the Brabb-Dewey subdivision in order to provide access to a governmental emergency siren structure.

Authorized Treasurer Ferrari to send out the Oxford Township Website Re-design Request for Proposals as presented and to compile a list of the RFPs received, along with a recommendation for the Township to consider on April 13, 2011.

Adopted the Resolution to Support Participation in Christmas in Action of Oakland County, Inc.

Awarded the pedestrian crossing signals, Polly Ann Trail, to Rauhorn Electric in the amount of $47,983.00.

Recommended to the Village Council that they include a strong payback provision in the case of Royal Oak Medical Devices' Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Request, and that they do not grant the full twelve (12) years and recommended a scoring system to determine the number of years granted.

Authorized Supervisor Dunn to notify the Oakland County Water Resources Commission that the Oxford Township Board of Trustees does not want residents' water shut off for non-payment, but will add any delinquency to the winter tax roll, as is the current provision for delinquent sewers.

Requested Trustee Cryderman to review the current Policies and Rules for the Veterans Memorial Civic Center, first floor, and return to the Board on April 13, 2011 with proposals and recommendations, which will include alcohol consumption on-site and current charges/rates.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Curtis W. Wright

Oxford Township Clerk

300 Dunlap Road

P.O. Box 3

Oxford, MI 48371

248-628-9787, ext.

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