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Oxford police log

March 23, 2011 - Monday, March 21 - Property damage reported to a DPW vehicle on N. Washington and Davison.

*Two bikes were stolen from an address on S. Washington.

Sunday, March 20 - A suspicious vehicle was parked on W. Burdick.

*Some wires were reported down on S. Coats Rd. In addition, the pole was also reported to be on fire.

Saturday, March 19 - A loose pit bull was running around East St. Village police were not able to capture the dog.

*Possible assault reported on Crawford St.

*Family trouble reported on Hunters Rill.

*Juvenile complaint reported on Pontaic St.

*Village police received a report of a possibly intoxicated woman staggering along W. Burdick. The officer located the woman and her husband and transported them to their home on Dayton.

*A caller on Crawford St. reported to police her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend were making threats against her over the phone.

Friday, March 18 - An officer thought he was witnessing a fight between two individuals in the SE parking lot. Upon further investigation, he discovered it was a bouncer at a local establishment removing a customer from the establishment after being kicked out.

*A manager at a store on W. Oakwood called the police after an employee he fired the previous day returned.

*A vehicle was spotted along E. Burdick with possible drug use going on inside the vehicle. The vehicle proceeded to leave the area and enter the Lake Villa Mobile Home Park.

*A large dog was spotted running loose on Moyer. Village police were unable to locate the dog.

*A loose pit bull was reported on East St.

Thursday, March 17 - A minor was reported to have run away from his home on Fountian View Lane. The minor was supposed to attend Crossroads for Youth Day School, but never showed up. The runaway had been missing for two days.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported at a residence on Brentwood. The baby-sitter went to use the restroom and when she returned, she noticed the rear door to the home was wide open and her laptop and cord were gone. When officers arrived at the house, they found the door only slightly ajar, along with pry marks on the rear door near the lock area. However, police noticed a purse, the TV and video game system and other items in the living room were not disturbed. The baby-sitter proceeded to tell officers that when she left the living room, the laptop and cord were sitting on the couch and when she returned, they were gone and the rear door was open. The deputy requested a K-9 unit. After conducting a search in the area behind the house, officers concluded nothing had been disturbed. When the homeowner arrived home, he indicated to the deputies the pry marks near the lock were previously there and the door was never fully secure. The homeowner's wife eventually found the laptop and the coord sitting in a bag next to the couch.

*Two car accident on Lapeer and Oakwood Rd.

*A caller reported seeing two vehicles on Lapeer and Drahner Roads cutting each other off and driving recklessly.

*Village Police checked an address on Park St. for a minor. After being located, the minor was taken back to the village station where the mother would pick the minor up.

Wednesday, March 16 - Two gates that lead to the township park on E. Oakwood Road were reported to be damaged. A chain was cut and it appeared that vehicles had driven over the walking trails, causing heavy damage.

*A woman on Park St. called police to tell them an unknown subject just stabbed her dog.

*A vehicle was sitting in Lakeville Rd. with no one in it.

*Loud music was coming from a residence on W. Burdick. The subjects were advised to turn it down.

Tuesday, March 15 - An individual tried to steal eight dollars worth of merchandise from a store on S. Lapeer Rd. When Oakland County Sheriff's arrived at the scene, they found the suspect leaning on the counter with dilated eyes and appeared to be frothing at the mouth with white foam around it. The suspect was taken to POH by the Oxford Fire Department. The suspect was also issued a ticket for retail fraud in the third degree.

*Police gave a man a ride to his residence on S. Washington.

*A caller on E. Burdick stated some church money was missing and wanted to make a report.

*A USPS truck was reported to be on fire on W. Burdick and Pontiac St.

*Report of a barking dog on Pleasant. The owner of the dog was issued a citation.

*Report of juveniles on N. Baldwin smoking a bowl.

*In downtown's southeast parking lot, a Ford Edge hit a cat, which got stuck in the grill area of the vehicle. The Oxford Fire Department was able to rescue the cat, which was still alive. The owner picked up the cat and took it to the vet.

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