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Letter to the editor

Support staff should not be lumped in with 'all' school staff

March 23, 2011 - I am tired of all the letters stating Lake Orion School employees should take pay cuts and pay for part of their health care. Don't lump us all together and do some research.

Some of us -- at the top of our pay scale -- don't make $21,000 a year. As support staff we are only working 35 hours a week. A lot of us have added training such as sign language, Braille to name a few.

Some of us are sole supporting and on $21,000 a year! We don't get paid for summers, days when children aren't in school.

So, I take offense when these letters say All employees. Do you know Michigan just took three percent of our pay away already?

I love working with the Children in our Schools but we too have bills to pay.

Leslie Ashley

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