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Students different now, reader says

March 30, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to "Big classes way back when," Bob Klemmer's letter to the editor in the March 16 edition of the Clarkston News.

Mr. Klemmer, how dare you try to compare education in 1951 to the process of today.

I am appalled to think that classrooms of that era can be compared to today for many reasons.

First I look at the content being taught in the two time periods as being very different.

Secondly, in your picture, where are the autistic students, students with learning disabilities, students with English as a Second Language, and those with ADHD.

In 1951, these students were not in the "regular" classroom.

Lastly, you also mention that Mrs. Jacques did not have any trouble dealing with students. That is because students at that time behaved properly and showed respect to the teacher, or they may have been spanked by the teacher or issued some other punishment.

When the child went home and told his parents that's plural because we did not have as many single parent homes like we have today the parent would also punish the child for being disrespectful.

Today, with a class of 30, students do not show fear of punishment for not doing what a teacher says unless strictly and properly raised by their parent(s) of today.

Students talk back, speak out when the teacher is talking, and is even given their side of the story as to what happens in a given situation.

In my day and yours Mr. Klemmer, what the teacher said was the only side of the story.

Despite what some parents today think, teachers are out to educate, not out to "get" their child.

A higher percentage of today's students do not show the proper respect to adults, or to their classmates, as in years past. This hurts the educational process.

I understand that this is not all students, the majority are awesome children who thrive on education. It is those that do not show respect that are hurting today's classrooms.

Parents need to teach their children respect for others as well as themselves.

Linda Grogan

Independence Township

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