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Safety path money goes township's way

March 30, 2011 - Waste Management is developing property near their Eagle Vally Landfill on Brown Road, and has complied with the township's safety path ordinance to pay the equal cost of a safety path in front of their property, in lieu of actually constructing one.

Before the topic was discussed at the Orion Township board meeting on Monday, Waste Management issued a check to the township for $136,422 -- the amount the company would have paid to install a safety path.

Trustee Neal Porter used the topic to bring up thee board previously eschewed this same ordinance when building the Orion Senior Center. JoAnn VanTassel said the money that would have gone into the safety path went into a dirt path connecting the center to the Polly Ann Trail. Porter corrected this, however, saying the dirt path cost a fraction of the ordinance required safety path.

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