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McQuiston & Miller for board

April 06, 2011 - Dear Editor,

In the upcoming May school board election with 5 open positions, we have an opportunity for change.

I urge every voter to be involved in this process because the coming years will be very critical state revenues are shrinking and without heavy involvement by everyone, we will miss some real opportunities. We cannot afford to let our student's education fall behind by any measurement. We are fortunate to have a new dedicated and passionate Superintendent, Marion Ginopolis, who will need strong school board leadership and support.

It is everyone's responsibility to pay attention and vote for people who have demonstrated involvement in Lake Orion Community Schools and have worked to enhance our student's educational environment.

Birgit McQuiston and Melissa Miller have shown passion for education. They attend school board meetings, speak during public participation and have stayed will into the late evening at board meetings. They do their own research on education subjects, volunteer on committees, meet with community leaders and volunteer at the schools. They are knowledgeable in education financing, education standards and revenue challenges. I urge you to look on their facebook page "McQuinston and Miller for LOCS" and read their biographies, information and continue dialogue with them.

Birgit McQuiston and Melissa Miller are willing to lead the way on the school board as they have witnessed the changes in LOCS. They want accountability, stability and education focused decisions. They are aware of current trends in education, school revenues, national education solutions and state/local

government challenges. They are focused on exceptional education in Lake Orion Community Schools. Their volunteering and educating themselves demonstrates their dedication, as school board members, we can give them responsibility.

Please do not determine your choice for school board members based solely on special interest support. You have an opportunity to attend many McQuiston and Miller Meet 'n Greets and Meet the Candidates events (see "Lake Orion Community Schools Involved Citizens" on facebook). They are willing to discuss any school subject with you and are open to viewpoints from all Lake Orion residents. I am sure your research in your selection for Lake Orion School Board candidates will bring you to the conclusion that Birgit McQuinston and Melissa Miller are in the best interest for Lake Orion schools.

Denise Mitchell

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