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Addison Township

March 21 and March 26, 2011Board Meeting Synopsis

April 13, 2011 - Township of Addison

Board of Trustees

Board Meeting Synopsis

Addison Township Board of Trustees met on March 21 and March 26, 2011. The meetings were held at the Addison Township Complex, located at 1440 Rochester Rd., Leonard, MI. 48367.

Board members in attendance for the meetings: Supervisor Pearson, Clerk Bennett, Treasurer Alberty, Trustee Boehmer, Trustee Brakefield, Trustee Gierak and Trustee Sutphin.

The following action was taken:

March 21, 2011 Regular Scheduled Meeting.

Approved the agenda:

Approved the Consent Agenda consisting of the minutes for February 7, February 22, February 28, March 7, 2011 and bills as paid for February 2011.

Approved the Appointments as follows:

Zoning Board of Appeals: Trevor Hayward, Tony Spina and Erich Senft.

Park Ranger: Carol Beens.

Oxford Addison Youth Assistance Board: Dallas Acker.

Held a public budget work session/review.

March 26, 2011 Annual Meeting.

Members in attendance approved the agenda.

Supervisor's Report of the Township.

Members approved the Annual Meeting Minutes.

Supervisor accepted public resolutions, presentations and opened public forum.

March 26, 2011 Special Meeting of the Township Board.

Approved the agenda.

Held a Public Hearing for Truth in Taxation and the tax millage rate proposed.

Held a Public Hearing for the budget fiscal year 2011/12 revenues and expenditures.

Approved the General Appropriations Resolution for 2011/12 adopting the budget.

Please contact the Clerk's office if you have questions.

Pauline Bennett, Township of Addison Clerk


Publish: April 13, 2011.

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