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Letter to the editor

Wolverton and Weaver get vote

April 13, 2011 - Dear Editor

Times are tough today.† Many of us don't have the resources we had years ago. This is true of our schools, as well. †It is easy to blame the present state of school finances on the school board, and think incumbents shouldn't be re-elected.† This is not only unfair, it's untrue.†

Many who are quick to place blame have no idea about how schools are funded.† Rather than educate themselves on the reality of school funding, it is easier and less time consuming to place blame on the school board and administration.

†I have known Janet Wolverton for more than 10 years.† She is the kind of board member who doesn't just fulfill her board obligations.† Over the past 9 years Janet has made being a school board trustee a full time job.† In addition to the more than 200 board education credits she has achieved, she is constantly in the buildings talking with staff, parents, and most importantly to her, the kids.† If she is available, she attends everything she is invited to by every school.† She has proven her dedication to LOCS by word and deed.† That dedication should be rewarded by her re-election to the board.

†Kelly Weaver was appointed to the board last summer.† I had never met Kelly before she became a board member, although I knew of her because of her involvement in the community.† I believe she has shown the same dedication to Lake Orion Community Schools that I see in Janet.† Kelly was the best person for the job last June, and I believe she still is now.† She deserves a chance to serve for a full term.

†It is always great to have fresh viewpoints on the board.† It is a certainty that there will be at least 2 new people elected.† I cannot stress enough how important it is to retain the two incumbents. We are faced with some very tough decisions in Lake Orion , and our board needs people who are educated about all the things these new people have yet to learn.† We need to retain experience along with the new ideas.† We all agree that education is extremely important for our children.† Shouldn't education and experience be just as important for the people making decisions for our children?

†Kyle Dykman

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