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Cooper dedication to bowling continues

Nick Cooper. Photo provided (click for larger version)
May 04, 2011 - At Clarkston High School, state champion bowler senior Nick Cooper proved you don't have to be an above average student, take AP classes or do tons of extra curricular activities in order to be recognized by colleges.

With a 3.0 GPA, Cooper emphasizes there are other scholarships than the ones given out for academics.

"I've basically gotten all of the credits I need to graduate high school," said Cooper. "Now, I'm just trying to decide what to do from here. I've gotten an offer from Davenport University and I've set up meetings with Webber International in Florida and Robert Morris in Chicago. At this point, I'm waiting for the best offer before I decide where to go."

Cooper's dedication to bowling was seen when he won the Division I Singles state championship as a junior and qualified for the finals from his regional finish in his freshman, sophomore and junior years. His Clarkston High School Boys Varsity Bowling team has qualified twice for the state finals while Cooper was on the team.

Even in the off-season, Cooper is working tremendously hard to stay on top of his game.

"I'm bowling six days a week during the off-season, whether it's practice or individual scholarship tournaments where scouts come to watch me bowl," said Cooper.

In the off-season he has finished fifth in the nation in the Teen Masters National Tournament in 2009.

He has competed in the National Junior Gold Tournament for two years in a row. Last year he placed 27th out of 1,000 boys. This year he qualified for the Junior Gold Nation Finals Tournament.

Cooper travels going to Las Vegas, Nevada in July where he will compete against other amateur bowlers and has a chance to win $10,000 in the tournament.

If Cooper performs well enough, he has the opportunity to bowl on TV for scouts around the nation to watch.

He has the highest bowling average in the OAA conference and in Division 1. His high game for his senior year was 299.

Cooper was also one of five bowlers to be chosen for the Detroit Free Press All-State Dream Team.

"Everything I have accomplished so far in my life I have to credit to my dad," said Cooper. "I've grown up watching him bowl and he got me started with the sport. He got me this far and hopefully I can go somewhere with it."

Nick Loomis, senior at Clarkston High School, is son of Sandy and Jeff Houle is a 17-year-old, pursuing a career as a sports journalist. After graduating this June, he plans on attending Central Michigan University where he hopes to get a degree in journalism.
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